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"   They’re unmarried. How many of them is it simply a matter of economics? There’s no second income in their house, and the government will readily and Democrats will readily assume that role for ‘em. With benefits here, benefits there, benefits over here … if somebody willingly makes themselves a victim, then that’s tough to counter.   "

Rush Limbaugh explains why he thinks unmarried women overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

Via Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund: 

Unmarried women favor Democratic candidates by an overwhelming 22 points in Senate battleground states, according to a poll released today by the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund and Democracy Corps. Republican candidates have a slight edge over Democrats in the 12 battleground states, with all likely 2014 voters. But when unmarried women are polled, the odds flip. Unmarried women favor Democrats in the battlegrounds by 58 to 36, up from 50 to 39 in July.

And what’s Limbaugh’s answer to this conservative dilemma? He suggests that Republicans “set up a dating service.” Seriously. 

(via mediamattersforamerica)